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Air Conditioning Repair

Is your air conditioner not working the way you think it should? Is it making odd noises? Has it conked out entirely and need fixing right now?

In the greater Toledo area, BluFlame is the company to call if your AC is on the blink. Our team of techs has been keeping customers comfortable since 1954. We can get to the root of your air conditioning problems and ensure that you stay cool and comfortable.

Signs That Your Air Conditioner May Need Repairs

How do you know that something is wrong? Here are signs that you may need a service call from one of our experts.

  • Blowing warm air. Double check this by making sure your thermostat is in cooling mode and setting it to a lower temperature. If you still feel warm air from the vent, need service.
  • Weak airflow. If the air is coming out less strongly than it used to, you might have a blockage, check your furnace filter or you may have a problem with the blower motor.
  • Excess humidity. Even if it’s damp outside, it shouldn’t be that way in the house. Maybe your AC isn’t mitigating the moisture levels the way it should.
  • Bad odors. Often this is from an accumulation of bacteria or other offenders. Your AC may just need a good cleaning, or there could be a bigger problem.
  • Leaking. If there’s water pooled around your furnace, or you see ice buildup on the copper lines or ductwork. Shut the unit off and call us right away. Not only is your air conditioning unit at risk, but there can also be damage to your home and or your furnace if the problem isn’t fixed.
  • Frequent cycling. The AC may go on and off more or have longer run period on a hot days, but it shouldn’t be constantly switching.
  • Unusual noises. A healthy air condition makes an unobtrusive, continuous noise. Whistling, rattling and grinding are signs that something’s wrong.

Can I Fix It Myself?

Beyond changing filters and cleaning out visible dirt and debris (be sure to turn the electric to your unit off!), this is a job that should be left to the pros. Cooling systems use chemicals and electricity, and unsafe working can be harmful or even fatal. Our technicians are thoroughly trained and have the specialized tools needed to accomplish the task properly. Tackling a repair without a knowledge of your particular unit and with the tools you happen to have on your workbench can be not only dangerous but costly. There’s a good chance of turning a minor problem into a big one.

Rely on the Experts at BluFlame

We’re on hand 7 days a week to provide AC repair service to the greater Toledo area including Sylvania, Maumee, Perrysburg, Rossford and SE Michigan. We’ve been doing this for over 60 years, and we’ll tell you whether you just need a thorough cleaning or if there’s more that needs to be done. We’ll inspect your AC system, pinpoint the problem and explain to you what all the options are. Call 419-472-2040 and put your air conditioner in the hands of the top team around.