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How Important is Planned Service on Your Furnace?

Every fall we send out thousands of letters to our customers.  We ask them to call us and have their furnace cleaned.  We also include a note at the bottom to please take the time to turn the unit on to be sure it works, that way on the first cold day they have heat.

While this sounds easy enough, we only get a small group of customers that will have their units cleaned and every year we get buried by the “no heat” calls.  We do our best to get to them as fast as we can, but many that chose not to have it cleaned, end up paying more for overtime no heat calls.  Unfortunately many of these are due to lack of maintenance.

FACT: A gas fired appliance should be inspected and cleaned once per year.

Who encourages this?

Every manufacturer, the gas company, safety agencies (people that rate and set standards for furnaces) and the Better Business Bureau recommends it.

What do ALL these have in common?  Not a single one of them clean furnaces or profits from it being done.

Why?  Because it makes sense, it saves energy and it is a safety issue.

Who does not?  Some heating contractors.  Why?  Many reasons.

  1. They do not like the mundane work of cleaning a furnace
  2. They lack the manpower
  3. They do not know or understand the importance of maintenance

In this area our heating hours (time furnace will run) is about 2,500 hours.  That is 2,500 hours at top speed.  Now if your car drove 2,500 hrs at 65 MPH you would travel 162,500 miles.  That would require 40 oil changes, many filter changes and likely a few repairs.

Your furnace is an amazing appliance.  It does this year after year.  So help your furnace out, save yourself some money and be safe.   If you have not had you furnace cleaned yet call our service department today.

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