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The Smart Furnace…

A smart furnace ?
Sure we all know about smart phones, they are used for increasing work efficiency, sometimes. So why would you want a smart furnace when you only want two things (comfort and efficiency) from of it?

First, a fun question: Would you buy a car with no gas petal, just an on and off switch?
I assume you said no, so read on.

The new Lennox SLP98V is more than a two stage “variable speed” furnace. This furnace thinks, learns and adapts to your home and the weather outside. Before you start to worry, there is no GPS system, cameras or microphones. It is just one naturally smart furnace.
It tracks the times required to heat up and makes adjustments to the amount of heat required in increments as small as 1%. Lennox calls this Precise Comfort™ technology. Simply put this gives you the smallest furnace you need on a mild day and the biggest you need on the coldest day, all in one. So for the two things you need we can check comfort off the list.

That leaves us efficiency. First a simple explanation of AFUE, consider each $1.00 of our gas bill. If your old furnace is 50% that means $0.50 of each dollar never makes it to your house, it simply goes out your chimney.

That is why you should always look at your furnace first to save money. A window, door or insulation that can “save you 25%” can only save you 25% of the 50% that actually made it to your living room. So by my count that is only 12.5%. But that is another post.
The new Lennox SLP98V is 98.2%. That’s right, 98.2%, the highest efficient furnace you can buy.

Oh, by the way it also the quietest furnace you can buy too.

So really we had a wish list of two. Comfort and efficiency, and this furnace has both nailed down. The SLP98V has even more benefits beyond it good looks, but that too is another post.

The long and short is it you love the environment, want to save energy or only want to save money and be comfortable, look no further.

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