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At BluFlame, our commitment to your comfort extends beyond regular hours. Our service ensures that whenever heating or cooling issues arise, our dedicated team is ready to address them promptly. Our skilled technicians are just a call away; call us at (419) 472-2040 to schedule a service.

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What Makes Great Service?

Everyone touts great service, but in the days, weeks, months or years leading up to your Sunday afternoon call; what did they do to get ready?
They will talk about factory training, classes, certifications, in house programs and the like. They truth is most, sorry not all, technicians are pretty good. But just like in sports there is always that one thing that makes some great.

A clean truck, a neat uniform all are good, but really that has come to be expected. A showroom, professional secretaries, all good, all wonderful, all needed, but still there is that one very important “next level”. That thing that is overlooked or ignored by most all heating contractors, a detail that most customers will never know to ask about, at least not until they get burned once or twice.

That simple detail that can make a good service company great, a good service technician a hero?….the PART. That’s right the part. If your furnace is not working do you want to know why, or do you want it fixed? Most service technicians can tell you why, but if they do not have the part they can’t fix it any more than you. So you are no better off that before you called.

Now understand there will always be times when a part must be ordered, there are just to many brands with unique parts on them. However, there are common brands, common parts, yes there are a lot of them and they do cost a lot of money. Being great is never easy.

Service does just happen, great service does not. We plan, track and stock our trucks for each season. We also maintain a fully stocked warehouse that is always available to technician 7 days a week, should he not have something on his truck.
So when you have your service company out for routine maintenance (you do prepared for winter right?), ask to see his truck, are there parts on it? If not, he still may be good.

But start looking for a great company right away.

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