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Once again, ready or not, slow or fast summer is coming! Is your air conditioner ready or in need of repair. In this between the seasons time, we tend to forget about our furnace and air conditioner. So once again we just want to put out a quick reminder: CHECK AND CHANGE your air filter.  This quick and easy chore is often missed, costing people a lot of money.  They tend to be look at our service bill, but a dirty filter costs way more then just a service call from us.  See below for a list of effects of a dirty fitler.

  1. Increased operating costs
  2. Increased break downs
  3. Decreased equipment life
  4. Extensive mechanical failures
  5. Increased service costs

The best part about number 5 is, this expense is the only one that will put an end to the others.  To many just pay and pay there high utility bills and never give it a thought, till it does not work, then call us.  Some times the problems are a simple repair, but many times it is an extensive problem.  All fo this can easily be avoided with two basic steps.

  1. Get our planned service contract, and get you equipment cleaned once per year
  2. Check your filter once per month

That is it.  So call or e-mail us now and protect you budget.

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