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As we head into winter we like to remind folks of an important thing they should tend to.  Your home’s heating system is a very important, yet very often overlooked appliance.
Each year your furnace provides you, your family and your house comfort, safety and protection from the cold.  It does this all day and all night, while we most often forget it’s even there.
A simple “thank you’” to your furnace can go a long way in saving you the trouble, stress and expense of a breakdown and of course this will also save you money on your utilities bills too.
So this winter say thanks by:
1. Having your furnace (or boiler) cleaned once a year
2. Changing your furnace filter as recommended by the type of filter you have (see below)
            a. 1” flat filters-          Once per month
            b. 1” pleated filters-    Every two–three months
            c. 5” pleated filters-     Every eight to twelve months


These simple steps can go a long way in saving you gas, electricity and reducing premature equipment failure. So take a moment and tend to your forgotten workhorse, before it sends you a “reminder” of just how important it is….


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