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Remember the installation process is more important than a new furnace’s energy rating.

We have all heard about the “a friend of a friend” who can put a furnace in for “real cheap” as if you were buying a used car or TV.  Your furnace is the heart of your homes, and in order for it to safely heat your home, perform at peak efficiency and to last its expected lifetime, it must be installed properly.  If the “installer” skips steps to save money or because they don’t know how to complete them, it will cost you more money every month (gas & electric bills) then contribute to early breakdowns (repair bills) and shorten the life of the furnace.
However, the problems listed above will all pale in comparison to the problems if the uninsured “friend of a friend” is injured at or does major damage to your home.
Consider all the costs, not just the bottom line price before choosing someone to install the most important “appliance” in your home.  If you are not sure the furnace is the most important appliance, turn it off….you will soon agree that you and your home can’t survive an Ohio winter alone.
Furnace installations require trained and licensed professionals, don’t trust just anybody to protect your family and your home.
In the end, it’s the contractor that makes the difference in how well your new furnace performs.

So remember: You’re not just buying a furnace, you’re buying the company too so make sure there is one. 


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