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I opened the local paper today and saw the Toledo area high School Football reviews.  This means only one thing Toledo, it is furnace season again!
Over this past summer player got their physicals, practiced, trained and conditioned,  all to be ready for their 9-10 hour season!  Now it is time to make sure your furnace or boiler is ready to perform for you, your family and your home. Because over this Toledo winter you will cheer for over 2,000 hours of high performance from your home heating system.  A thorough furnace or boiler system cleaning and safety inspection will help assure a winning season for you too.
While games are lost due to poor planning or execution and many injuries are due to poor strength and conditioning, the same applies to your home heating system.   Dirt, under performing parts and plugged drains are the primary causes of most home heating system breakdowns.  A little pre-season work can make all the difference.
While “practice is never fun, no one likes to loose”.  These same principles apply to a furnace cleaning and safety inspection, it’s often put off or ignored, but it will keep your furnace running at peak efficiency and prevents many expensive repairs.
So be a good coach of your home, give us a call today and be ready for a winning season.
Furnace or Boiler pre-season cleaning and safety inspection, just $95.00.
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