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Looking for a furnace?  Well my advice is stop; you are looking for the wrong thing.
Sure I know you need a furnace but anyone can sell you a furnace.
You need to look for a company, a company that can and will complete the installation, not just make it blow warm air.  A complete job includes proper duct transitions to maximize air flow, proper wire sizes for long term trouble free performance.  The most important part of your furnace is the installation. Then look for service, do they really have service?  Better ask and check.
Cut corners; simplify things, meet the minimum standards and you can expect the minimum from your new furnace.  Put the best roofing shingle in the world on wrong and it will leak but don’t blame the shingle.
So when you need a furnace, buy from a company that can and will take care of you.
Most people that take the time to write about their furnace are upset, and usually with the contractor, not the furnace. Don’t get set on or off one brand some contractors and even manufacturers can write a lot about them, good and bad just to push their product.
Do you want a company that will take care of you? Be there when needed?  Provided quality service?

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