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The unforeseen and unseen aspect of summer….

Each year we get so caught up in the fact that it is not cold and snowing, cold and windy, cold and raining or just plain cold we forget about summer.  That is not to say we don’t wish, dream even pray for its arrival we just forget that it brings its icky, sticky, gross friend humidity.
This uninvited guest makes the welcome heat of summer less enjoyable and sometimes just plain unbearable.  When this happens we just turn to on our central air conditioning.  That always solves the problem, unless you do not have central air conditioning.
Then you call around, in a hurry.  Shopping, but not the way you should.  You want air conditioning fast, this is like going grocery shopping when you are hungry.  Sure you get what you want, but usually more that you needed.
The same thing happens with central air conditioning.  Sure you got it, but you did not shop companies or products you shopped time.  This usually leads to a less than ideal relationship.  Some contractors, happy to sell anything or eager to clear stock, may sell you an oversized air conditioner.  I know, you think “I turn it on, it cools, I’m happy”.  Well not if you knew all the facts.
This is error leaves many homeowners never quite realize what is wrong.  They know something is not right, but it’s cooling so it is working right?  Well it did manage to kick the welcomed guest (summer warmth) out, but that uninvited, unpleasant guest that ruined our anxiously awaited summer, (humidity) stayed.
You notice you must keep your thermostat “a couple of degrees” cooler than your neighbor, but still his house seems more comfortable.  That is because clammy is clammy, hot or cool, not a good feeling.  
When a system is too big it cools your house to fast, this does not allow time to remove the humidity.  So your air is cooled, but still…not comfortable, so we turn the thermostat down to compensate for this.  Sure it is “working”, but you are paying a lot more money and wasting more energy trying to cool your house and you still never experience that wonderful comfort central air conditioning has to offer.
So please, expect the expectable and prepare for the expected.  Summer bring heat and humidity follows.  So call us today and get your new, properly sized central air conditioning for summer, or if you have it already, call and get it cleaned, so you and your air conditioner will be ready for the expectable.


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