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Should I Have My Furnace or Boiler Cleaned?

As the weather cools and the Toledo Area changes from an Air Conditioning to Heating mindset many questions surface.   Many folks in Toledo wait till they have a problem, then call for service.  Many times this ends up costing them more than it should.

  1. Should I have my furnace cleaned or should I have my boiler cleaned?
  2. If so, why?
  3. Should I replace my old furnace or should I replace my old boiler?
  4. If so why?

These are important questions that need answers.  So let break them down one by one.

  1. Should I have my furnace or boiler cleaned?
    Answer:  A resounding YES.
  2. Why?
    Answer:  Safety, Efficiency and to maximize performance from and to maximum the life of your equipment.

1 & 2 Are questions customers often ask us about, especially when a competitor tells them they do not need to do maintenance.  So we want to provide more information to explain our position and avoid the look of “our opinion vs. theirs” and to show a fact based response.

They all agree that it should be done even though they have never earned one dollar for performing or suggesting or requiring routine maintenance on heating and air conditioning systems.

THE REAL QUESTION IS:  Why would someone tell you not to?

Moving next

  1. Should I consider replacing my old furnace or should I consider replacing my old boiler?
    Answer:  Yes
  2. Why?
    Answer:  Heat is not an option. You can’t decide to go without it because it’s the holiday season or you have a great vacation planned.The heat must work every winter and all winter.  So don’t let it it hang over you waiting to create an inconvenience for you.

Points to consider for new equipment

  • High efficiency furnace & boilers
    • Saves you money on gas bills, available up to 98% efficient.
    • Saves you money on electric bills, with increased efficient and or variable speed motors.
  • Increased comfort
    • Air flow improvements and sound reduction with new blower technology.
    • Steady heat with two-stage or modulating technology.
  • Warranties
    • Saves you money
    • Gives you piece of mind
  • Breakdown concerns
    • See warranties
  • Financing plans available
    • Makes planning easier
  • Your old equipment offers
    • Furnace Repairs or Boiler Repairs
    • No parts warranty
    • No labor warranty
    • Parts availability issues
    • Age and condition, means most parts are same age, so they can fail in series over a season or two causing you to “through good money at bad” that would have better served you toward new equipment.




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