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After one long, harsh winter, we can finally say its springtime! Now is the time to start prepping your garden, unpacking your summer attire and getting the grill out for those summer night cookouts. While you’re planning a list of warm weather events, don’t forget to schedule your annual air conditioning check-up. Spring is a great time to get your Toledo air conditioner in proper working order before the heat of the summer.
When a professional AC expert arrives at your residence, they may complete the following:
1.     Clean and possibly replace furnace filters
2.     Inspect ductwork
3.     Test your thermostat
4.     Check lubrication on system motors
5.     Clean the coils and evaporator if dirty
6.     Ensure that the refrigerant levels are not leaking

Benefits of Routine Air Conditioning Maintenance

Just like your vehicle needs its oil changed and tires rotated, your air conditioner also needs routine tune-ups. By regularly scheduling air conditioning repair in Toledo, you’ll save hundreds of dollars. Here are just a few benefits:
1.     Reduce energy bills
2.     Extend the lifespan of the air conditioning system
3.     Prevent costly damage
4.     Breathe easier with better air quality
5.     Improve your comfort inside your home
No matter how many YouTube videos you have watched about air conditioning repair and maintenance, we strongly suggest that you don’t try to figure out how to repair your air conditioning unit on your own. Please, give us a call! Not because we want your business, even though we’d love to work for you, but because your heating and air conditioning are valuable! They are worth every cent you put into them.
Let the might techs of BluFlame ensure your air conditioning unit is ready for the summer heat. Contact us today.



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