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What if your house had just one light switch and it was down stairs in the living room too?  How happy would you be running up and down every time you wanted to make a change? Well that is how your furnace and air conditioning work, that is if you don’t have zoning. One thermostat controls the entire house.

Zoning allows you to focus on heating or cooling the areas you want or need most.  Like your second floor this past month or so. How would you have liked to have your second floor 73 degrees while you slept, got dressed for work, or while you did your hair and makeup to go to that wedding?  While in Toledo air conditioning has become the “norm”, in Toledo Air Conditioning is second after heating, so by design the systems fall short.  So its shortcomings have become acceptable. But you don’t have to accept this, not anymore, and our zoning solution is QUIET too.  So sleeping is not interrupted by loud, vibrating booster fans.

We offer you the ability to change your view of your home. We offer you the ability to comfortably use your entire house, when you want. Not just when “Mother Nature” is not using it. So Toledo air conditioning has changed and you’re going to like the new Air Conditioning Toledo.  So call us today: 419-472-2040, and ask how you too can benefit from this.


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