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Tis the season…Over the weekend I was asked three times this very same and very important question.  
“What should I do with my Air Conditioning unit over the winter?”
The answer is simple, but often ignored or worse done wrong.  We suggest you either use a cover direct the manufacture of your unit, or just cover the top with a piece of wood and secure it with a heavy object, with out going overboard on weight.
Since the unit is designed to be outside, we are not trying to keep it dry.  Our goal here is to reduce the leaves, sticks and other gunk from accumulating inside the unit.
These piles will trap moisture from the rain and snow and then through freeze and thaw cycles can cause serious damages.
Also, DO NOT WRAP THE UNIT IN PLASTIC.  This will only trap moisture inside and prevent the unit from air drying throughout the day.   This moisture then can become corrosive, again causing damage.
So keep it simple, protect it for the winter and have us clean the unit in the early spring, so you are ready for summer.


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