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Air conditioning maintenance is easy to overlook or plain skip because many people do not appreciate the value of a clean system.  While dirt is a primary cause of breakdowns, the extra energy that is wasted each year is just plain silly.

What to do…

Annual Tune-Up – Have us clean and inspect your central air conditioning system once per year


  • Prevents many nuisance breakdowns
  • Prevents damage to compressors due to restricted air flow (dirt)
  • Increases comfort levels
  • Reduces energy consumption
    • Good for environment
  • Save you money
    • Reduced utility bills
    • Reduced mechanical breakdowns

With cotton wood plugging up the outdoor unit and a dust coated filter inside, many central air conditioning systems are being asked to do a much wanted, much loved and much appreciated task while be completely ignored.

Some things, just need to happen, like cutting the grass and if you want a comfortable place to retreat to afterwards you better show that central air conditioning a little attention.