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As our warmer than normal winter fades away, and a beautiful spring arrives, don’t get to complacent.  Summer’s heat will be on us before we know it.  Time for a Air Conditioning Refresher Course, here are some basic tips to make your home comfortable and to save yourself energy dollars all summer long.
  • Have Bluflame professionally clean your  Air Conditioning system
  • Check & Change your furnace filter regularly ~ This is very important for Air Conditioning too
  • Set your thermostat at an ideal temperature, about 74, and leave it
  • Turn it off only if you plan to leave it off for a day or more
  • Keep your Air Conditioner clear of shrubs, bushes or anything that will reduce air flow
  • Keep blinds or curtains on sunny side of house closed
  • Look at your Air Conditioner outside and around your furnace once a week, look for ICE on copper lines or signs of any water leaks
  • These can be indicators your unit is not working right
  • Be sure all registers are open and clear of furniture or rugs
  • Try to reduce indoor cooking or baking during hottest parts of day
  • Run the bath fan during and for about 15 minutes you shower or bath
  • Smile & enjoy your summer


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