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While we have always known and understood the vital job a furnace does for your comfort and to protect your home. One thing we have learned over the years is most home owners either forgets it’s there or just see no value to it.  
We see and here everyday how we should reduce our use of natural resources and our dependency on foreign oil.  Then we see the new “hi-bred / green” cars, the recycling programs and an overall honest effort being put forth by folks to help reduce / recycle our natural resources, only to encounter 20+ year old furnacesair conditioners and water heaters in their homes wasting gas and electricity every single day.  
We understand that many people think they can’t afford to just change them all out, but keep in mind many homes could get a new furnaceair conditioner and a water heater for a lot less than a car that “uses less gasoline”, and the savings would even pay for itself.  If we could just wave that “magic wand” to make people understand the value and benefits of replacing their old, inefficient furnacesair conditioners and water heaters, it would be “one big step for mankind” and a pretty nice step for their personal comfort and cash flow too.   


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