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5 Ways To Save Yourself Some Money on Heating & Air Conditioning This Winter

Fall is a beautiful season. The leaves change, the holiday season begins, and families are beginning to gather for all sorts of different reasons: Halloween trick-or-treating, Thanksgiving dinners, and Christmas celebrations. In such an idyllic time, there is one cost that begins to creep ever higher, and it’s not the extra money you spend on candy and food. It’s your heating bill! As the air begins to crisp and chill, many consumers are eager to turn on their heat and make the inside of their home nice and cozy. Other consumers stand their ground until the last second. If that’s you, here are five tips to help save yourself some money on your heating bill this Winter.
  1. When you’re trying to avoid a call to the most economical furnace repair Toledo has to offer, layer on the clothes and the socks! Rather than call a trusted heating and air conditioning Toledo company, this is a simple, but overlooked trick to saving money on your heating bill. It may be frustrating to a significant other who is constantly freezing, but you could save 5% on your heating by lowering the temperature 1 degree between 60 and 70. Try lowering the thermostat and dressing warmly—and buy any grumpy significant others some new socks!
  1. Seal Leaky Windows & Doors: You could lose up to 13% of your home’s heat through windows and doors that are not sealed properly. Go around your home to search for cold spots, especially in homes that contain central heating and cooling. These systems are not cheap to maintain, so you will want to save money wherever you can! When you find a leak, seal it with some low-cost caulking or weather stripping.
  1. Use Your Curtains: Curtains are used for more than just decoration! When it’s dark outside, draw your curtains to preserve the heat inside your home. This will also help to protect somewhat against leaky windows. In the same way that clothes against a grate or dust will prevent warm air from flowing throughout your home, curtains will help prevent cold air from getting in. If you feel you might have a flow problem in your house, contact an air-duct cleaning Toledo company.
  1. Get an HVAC check-up: The best way to save yourself some money on quality heating and cooling this holiday season is to participate in preventative planning. Contact a reputable HVAC contractor Toledo location to determine what makes the most sense for your home. If your HVAC system is broken, contact a HVAC parts Toledo outlet to see if they have a part for your system.
  1. Make sure your vents are clean!: In a busy household, and even more so over the holidays, the cleaning can pile up. Make sure that there is nothing in the way of the vents in your home that spread warm air throughout your house. This is an occasionally overlooked issue with central heating and cooling. When the air ducts and vents are clean, they system will perform its best, and you will feel the difference without turning up the thermostat.
Don’t delay, call an air conditioning repair Toledo company today, and prepare for winter!

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